What We Finance

IT Finans focus on Equipment Finance

Most equipment can be financed. Principally this applies to all investments above NOK 50.000. As a rule of thumb, the lease period on a lease agreement is equal to the life expectancy of the financed equipment.

If you feel uncertain abount whether we can finance your equipment, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Advisors. We deliver equipment finance' leasing solutions only to the B2B market and to the public sector.

Industries we cover today:
  • Traditional ICT
  • Software, tablets and smartphones
  • Medical equipment
  • Retail: Shop decoration, cooling systems, disks, etc.
  • Industrial equipment: Production equipment, food production, etc.
  • Fishing industry: Fish farming and treatment plants
  • Equipment for ski resorts: Trail machines, snow guns, etc.
  • Workshop equipment: Elevators, diagnostic, etc.
  • Fitness equipment: Cardio and strenght, wardrobe and access control
  • Office furnitures: Misc office furnitures/equipment
  • POS systems: Payment terminals, complete POS systems

Financial products:
We offer several financial products within the leasing profession, depending on needs.
  • Project Finance. Accumulate purchases from several vendors onto the same lease agreement. When the project delivery is completed, the lease agreement starts
  • Frame Agreement. Accumulate purchases from one- or several vendors for a longer period of time before the lease agreement starts. Most common is quarterly. In the next quarter, extend or renew the credit line available for the Frame Agreement.
  • Financial Lease
  • Operasjonell Lease
  • Sale & Leaseback